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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tuesday Musings and Providing for the Homeless

Off and on today, I've looked at Hugo's blog and made a few comments on a couple of the threads there. I've also kept an eye on my sweetie's new blog. The posts on Hugo's blog are definitely challenging, while I find the posts on Chewy's blog to be more of the uplifting sort.

There are things posted to both that have me thinking about myself, the past, and how to work through the challenges of the past so that they present less and less negative impact on the present and future. But right now, the one thing I need to keep my focus on is the Sponsor Share that people from our church purchased Sunday evening.

This Sponsor Share is to go to a local soup kitchen that provides 350 meals per day to the local homeless. It is to be 10 pounds of ground meat per week plus 6 dozen eggs per month. This is 1/10th of what the soup kitchen needs, since their previous donation has now expired. They use 100 pounds of meat per week and 60 dozen eggs per month.

If anyone out there has ideas about how I should approach gathering 9 more Sponsor Shares so that we can provide the resources needed by this soup kitchen, please let me know. Each share can be split up between multiple families or organizations, just as the current share has been done. But I need ideas on how to approach people and organizations about this.


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